Anticipation 2024

The Anticipation conference will this year take place at Lancaster University. This is the 5th Annual conference, and it will take place this fall from the 11th to 14th September

There will be a strong representation from the IMAGINE project, with 4 interesting presentations in total:
Between the future and the present: Norwegian food imaginaries” , by Justyna Jakubiec, Lisbeth Løvbak Berg, Virginie Amilien, Atle Wehn Hegnes.
Experiments & Exposure- Design Imaginaries in a Workshop Context”, by James Duncan Lowley.
Exploring imaginaries of ‘sustainable’ futures through design education”, by Dan Lockton and Femke Coops
Imagined Futures of Crisis in the UK and Norway”, by Nina Heidenstrøm and Dan Welch

We cannot wait for the conference to start!

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