To achieve its objectives and impact, IMAGINE consists of a unique network of national and international senior and junior researchers, innovators, policy and business experts in food, clothes, and mobility. The consortium is divided into three groups; partners, advisory board and subcontractors.

Consumption Research Norway, OsloMet (project owner)

Project manager Dr. Nina Heidenstrøm is a senior researcher working on sustainable food and energy consumption, everyday life, ethnographic methods and material culture. She will lead WP0 (organize) and co-lead WP2 (explore) and WP5 (exchange).

Dr. Marie Hebrok is a design researcher interested in the relationships between design and sustainable consumption practices. Hebrok is currently leading the project REDUCE – rethinking everyday plastics. Her recent work has revolved around food practices and product durability. Hebrok will lead WP4 and co-lead WP0.

Dr. Virginie Amilien has extensive experience in food culture, everyday consumption, identity building, and democratic dialogue. She is currently leading the project FOOD2GATHER (HERAnet) together with Rick Dolphijn (Utrecht University). In IMAGINE she will continue her collaboration with Dolphijn in WP1.

Dr. Henry Mainsah conducts research interdisciplinary between the fields of media studies, design, new literacies, and Cultural Studies and his research focuses on topics such as digitization, consumption, social media, smart living, creative research methods, and participatory design. Mainsah is currently leading the project RELINK. He will co-lead WP4.

Dr. Harald Throne-Holst has broad experience in research on sustainable consumption, trust and responsibilities related to new technologies, interdisciplinarity and product durability. He will co-lead WP6, Disseminate.

Dr. Atle Wehn Hegnes will be the project manager of IMAGINE between August 2022-2023 during Nina´s maternity leave.

Lisbeth Løvbak Berg will be the co-lead of WP6, Disseminate.

Dep. of Product Design / Dep. of Art, Design and Drama, OsloMet

Dr. Nenad Pavel – associate professor of design at the Department of Product Design at OsloMet will co-lead WP3, and be joined by Ph.D. candidate James Lowley, and colleagues from the Department of Art, Design and Drama: Dr. Joanne Cramer – associate professor in fashion design, Heidi Dahlsveen – associate professor in oral storytelling, and Dr. Niels Peter Underlandassociate professor in theatre.

The University of Manchester

Dr. Daniel Welch is a sociologist based in the Sustainable Consumption Institute at the University of Manchester. He is currently PI of the “Imagined Futures of Consumption”, funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council, which explores how imaginaries of the consumer society shape and are shaped by social processes, and the role of imagined futures of consumption in processes of social and political contestation and legitimation. Welch will lead WP5 and contribute in WP1-2 with perspectives on the impact of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Eindhoven University of Technology

Dr. Dan Lockton is an interaction designer and researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE). His work focuses on the links between design, understanding, imaginaries, and human action, particularly in relation to social and environmental benefit. He established the Imaginaries Lab at Carnegie Mellon University that studies how imaginaries affect our understanding of the world and what we see as possible in our collective future, and is still connected to the lab. Now he is part of the research cluster Future Everyday at TUE. Lockton will lead WP3 and co-lead WP4. 

Femke Coops is a design researcher working at Eindhoven University of Technology and Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development. Her work focuses on designing spaces for letting go in sustainability transitions, where she researches the role of emotions and letting go in transition processes and explores how to actively design spaces to engage with these emotional dynamics. Coops works along Lockton on WP3 and WP4.

Utrecht University

Dr. Rick Dolphijn is a philosopher and associate professor at the Utrecht University. He studies posthumanism, new materialism, material culture, and ecology. He has published widely on continental philosophy and the contemporary arts with a coming book “This Wounded Life: A Meditation on Imagination and the Contemporary”. Dolphijn will lead WP1 and participate in WP2 together with PhD candidate Tamalone van den Eijnden and Research Assistant Justyna Jubiec.

Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

Dr. Audun Kjus is a narratologist and senior curator at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, where he leads the Norwegian Ethnological Research (NEG). Kjus has extensive experience in ethnographic documentation methodologies. He has participated in several projects facilitating crowdsourced cultural documentation and has led the development of the multi-institutional digital collection portal Kjus will lead WP2.

Æra Strategic Innovation (subcontractor)

The project is supported by the subcontractor Æra Strategic Innovation, who holds indispensable expertise in processes of exchange between multiple actors, communication of ideas and development of design concepts to frame dissemination activities such as exhibitions and conferences. Æra will significantly contribute to WP3-4 by developing and conducting workshops involving target actors, producing graphic and digital materials (e.g. workshop materials and tools, websites, films, exhibition posters and catalogues etc.), facilitating the exhibition and conference, and recruiting business and policy actors from their network.