MA Fashion and Society IMAGINE clothing futures

Building on the workshops/kick-off this autumn, the MA Fashion and Society students ventured on a dedicated project to explore fashion’s role in imagining sustainable futures.

The project, MEST4700 Project in Practice, is a six-week subject part of the Master’s Degree Programme in Fashion and Society, and Course leader, Dr Jo Cramer, kicked the project off by asking:

  • How can we use design to imagine sustainable futures?
  • What is the role of fashion within that?
  • Because if we can’t imagine sustainable futures, then how can then begin to build them?
  • The dominant imaginaries become so infused into our societies and become invisible, we take them for granted. Who gains and who does not from these dominant futures?

Then followed presentations and group tasks by IMAGINE researchers Marie Hebrok and James Lowley.

Exam – oral presentation

On the morning of the 23rd of March, the 5 MA students presented their projects to external sensors and some of the IMAGINE team.

Kinga Zablocka & Eva Celine Lynau: Hyper-productive sharing

The projects grappled with materiality as well as cultural meaning in the future, examining the current issues that the fashion industry is facing.

Maria Kupen With: Precious Plastic

You can read more about the student work in our upcoming project gallery.

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